While developing Aquars I’ve been using a moderately powerful gaming rig, so performance has never been an issue.
However, when sending the game over to my partner to test she noticed considerable input lag and slow frame rates as she uses a laptop.

Due to this I set out to optimise the game as best I could with the goal of having it be playable on laptops,
Since then I’ve considerably reduced the number of materials and textures used, allowing much more efficient Static Batching and reducing draw calls.

I’ve also incorporated dynamic skinned mesh baking, which allows our current character customisation to work without having to use multiple Skinned Mesh Renderers (SMR). This has brought the player’s SMR count down from 20+ to 1, and considering each additional SMR can effectively half a framerate, performance has greatly benefited from this.

I’m happy to say that the game is currently running at 60FPS on a laptop with an 1.6Ghz i5 processor and Intel Integrated Graphics, so you should be able to play on most computers!

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