Customisation & Tail Progress

With our player models are finally complete I’ve been able to¬†finalise the customisation and clothing scrips.

The clothes themselves have their own sets of properties we can set, such as Masks for the fur shader (more info below), and mesh info for both genders.
As gender shouldn’t limit what you wear, every item of clothing has a mesh to fit each gender shape so you can wear that summer Bikini regardless of gender!

To help test the customisation system, NimaDoodleZ created a few items of clothing for the game; A Bikini, Hoodie and Glasses!
While making them she was finding it difficult to prevent clothes from clipping into some parts of the player model and had requested some kind of masking to hide parts of the players underneath the clothes.

Due to this I’ve updated the fur shader to have 2 masking slots that the clothing can take advantage of.
The mask can set the length of the fur from long to bald, or even hide parts of the player model entirely. I’ve also updated the fur rendering method to look more realistic and fluffy and I’m very happy with the results!

Below is an example of both Speices and Genders seamlessly switching outfits and weapons.
All this is done while dynamically “baking” all of the meshes together to remain a single mesh, keeping performance optimal.


On top of this I’ve finished scripting the initial tail mechanics!
For more info on this please see the previous post but basically weapons use the paint from your tail to fire.
The tail will regenerate paint slowly while connected to the weapon, but if you detach the tail from the weapon it drags along the ground behind you.

If it happens to be in your teams paint, it’ll “soak” some up resulting in faster paint regeneration.
If it’s in enemy paint or unpainted ground, it’ll lose paint as it paints the ground behind you.

This can many creative ways this can be used from simply regaining paint quicker while hidden, to slowing pursuers with a paint trail or leaving false trails to lure opponents.
Next on the list is the attaching the tail to weapons!

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