Hi once again! I know it’s been a while since the last dev update, but I took a short amount of time off the game while I worked on some other projects. Most of the time while working on the game I post short updates to the Discord Server due to how easy it is to do […]

With our player models are finally complete I’ve been able to¬†finalise the customisation and clothing scrips. The clothes themselves have their own sets of properties we can set, such as Masks for the fur shader (more info below), and mesh info for both genders. As gender shouldn’t limit what you wear, every item of clothing has a […]

In Aquars, both the Squissum and the Splotters have tails that generate paint. By connecting them to weapons they can harness this power to to battle. With that said, let’s discuss the mechanics of the tail in gameplay: Paint is essentially “ammo” in the game, and the tails work as a kind of “ammo bar” as you […]

While developing Aquars I’ve been using a moderately powerful gaming rig, so performance has never been an issue. However, when sending the game over to my partner to test she noticed considerable input lag and slow frame rates as she uses a laptop. Due to this I set out to optimise the game as best I could […]

Donn DeVore just uploaded one of the songs he created for Aquars! Listen below and be sure to leave him a comment!

You made it to the dev blog! I’ll be posting news and updates over on Tumblr as well as we transition over to aquars.co.uk. Hopefully this site will become the main source of info and allow you to leave feedback to which Tumblr is lacking.